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Earthworm Jim and Snott were the winners of the 2-Player Duos tournament.

A tournament to determine the best video game pair, held by Brandon A. Mayo in the spring of 2009.


  • 32 teams of two video game characters will compete in a single elimination tournament of 1-on-1 matches, much like previous Heir to the Thrones. You can vote for 1 team. The team that gets the most votes will advance to the next round.
  • There will be 2 battles at once in round 1, and 1 battle at a time in subsequent rounds. Battles will start in the evening, and last for 48 hours before being automatically closed.
  • Matches that are still open will be clearly labeled with OPEN in the thread title; closed matches will say CLOSED.
  • You will be able to see how the votes have gone before you vote, and you will also be able to retract your vote if you wish.


  • For each of the 16 battles in round 1, there will be a third team sitting on the sidelines, watching the battle. This team will be known to the voters.
  • If the match ends in a tie, the third team will join the other two in a 3-way rematch. This match will only last for 24 hours, as opposed to the regular matches, which last for 48.
  • If the rematch ends in a tie, no matter who the tie was between, the third team will advance automatically due to the fatigue of the other two teams.
  • "Third teams" that do not compete in rematches in round 1 have a chance to show up again, to watch matches in subsequent rounds and get a chance to compete in a 3-way rematch. They can continue to show up to watch fights, as long as they don't compete in a fight themselves. This even applies to the final round!
  • Relatedly, teams that lose a match are out for good. Nobody who has lost a match will be brought back at any point.

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