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The very first Heir to the Throne tournament was created and executed by Evilbutters, beginning in April 2007 and ending in mid-July. Encompassing over 300 competitors and lasting 309 matches, this is still the largest Heir to the Throne to date, including nearly every character from major 2D Fighting games.

This tournament would serve as the genesis to future Heir to the Throne Tournaments. In fact, none of this would exist if not for the concept, time, and effort from Evilbutters.

Round 1[]

Round 1 tiebreakers[]

Characters who had tied in the opening round had a second chance at life, in this sub-round.

Round 2[]

Round 2 Tiebreakers[]

Due to the high number of ties in Round 2, tiebreakers were now 3- or 4-character matches. The two with the highest votes advanced, while competitors with fewer votes were eliminated.

Round 3[]

Beginning with Round 3, all tiebreakers were determined based upon two factors; characters already in a tiebreaker match were eliminated, otherwise overall votes were counted to determine who would advance.

Round 4[]

Round 5[]

Round 6[]

Round 7[]