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In October, supernatural forces engaged in an all-out war. Ultimately, Death came out on top and claimed his throne as the King of Halloween.

However, the balance between life and death was damaged in the struggle, and many of the world's most dangerous giant monsters were revived, to wreak havoc on the human race once again.

The Evil Monsters have gathered together under the leadership of Monster Zero himself, King Ghidorah, and will not rest until the human race is destroyed and the monsters reign supreme.

However, there are also monsters who are sympathetic to the human race. These Earth Defenders have joined forces under the leadership of the mighty hero, Ultraman.

The stage is set for an all-out Giant Monster Rumble, with the fate of the Earth hanging in the balance...

Heir to the Throne: Giant Monster Rumble will be the very first story-driven HTTT tournament. The 32 monsters will be divided between the Earth Defenders and Evil Monsters factions. Each match will be a battle between a good monster and an evil monster, with a short story setting up the battle.

Just as there are many monsters who vary in alignment in the movies, so too will the competitors of Giant Monster Rumble, as monsters may switch sides in order to keep the sides even for each new round. It will all culminate in a final battle between the last remaining monster of each faction, to determine the fate of the planet.

The tournament is still in the works; expect it to begin some time in mid-to-late November. Consider this my way to get the hype train rolling on the most ambitious Heir to the Throne I've ever done.

What will happen to the planet Earth? You decide!

Round 1[]

  • Anguirus tied The Balrog (2-2)
  • King Kong d Perfect Chaos (2-1)
  • The Blob d Frankenstein (4-0)
  • Gamera d Gigan (3-1)
  • Mothra d Fin Fang Foom (3-2)
  • Gyaos d Ralph (4-1)
  • Ninjor d Gaira (4-1)
  • King Ghidorah d Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (5-0)
  • Talos d Billante (3-2)
  • Ultraman d Sandworm (5-0)

Tournament on hold