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Kitana acted as her father Shao Kahn's body guard, along with her best friend Jade, until the Outworld invasion of Earthrealm, where she learned the truth; At a young age, Kitana's biological father was murdered by Shao Kahn. Kahn forcibly took Kitana's mother, Sindel as his bride, and the two raised Kitana as though she were Kahn's daughter. Kahn was unhappy with his stepdaughter, and had the sorcerer Shang Tsung create a twisted, horrifying clone of Kitana, named Mileena. Repulsed by her "father"'s actions, Kitana aligned herself with the Earthrealm warriors to prepare for the upcoming Mortal Kombat tournament.


2D Fighters[]

Kitana was eliminated in the first round by Blue Mary.

3D Fighters[]

Kitana defeated Phoenix in the first round and Sarah Bryant in the second round before being eliminated by Deadpool in round 3.


Favorite Female MK Ninja[]

Kitana competed in the Favorite Female MK Ninja battle, which was won by her best friend, Jade.