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Noob Saibot was once Sub-Zero

Noob Saibot (birth name Bi-Han) was once known as Sub-Zero, a loyal member of the Lin Kuei Chinese ninja clan. After being murdered by Scorpion in the first Mortal Kombat tournament, he is now a member of the Brotherhood of the Shadow, in the employ of the sorcerer Quan Chi. His blood brother, Kuai Liang, is the current Sub-Zero. Noob has a close friendship with fellow former Lin Kuei member, Smoke.

2D Fighters[]

In the opening round of the inaugural HTTT Tournament, Noob crushed Anji Mito. In the second round, Noob tied with Shao Kahn, and was then eliminated in that round's tiebreaker match, losing to his brother, Sub-Zero, and Iron Man.

2-Player Duos[]

Noob (as Sub-Zero I) and his brother, Sub-Zero entered this tournament as Alternates in round 3, but were defeated by the Mario Bros.

3D Fighters[]

Noob Saibot was an alternate for the 3D Fighters tournament, replacing Abel and Heihachi Mishima after they eliminated each other via a tie. In round 2, Noob eliminated Kage-Maru, Sagat in round 4, and Jax in round 5. He was finally eliminated by Spider-Man in the quarter final round.