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Sagat was widely considered to be the greatest Street Fighter in the world, until his narrow defeat at the hands of Ryu. Regardless, Sagat is still considered the god of Muay Thai kickboxing.

Sagat has been known to ally himself with M. Bison and his Shadaloo organization when it is to his advantage.

2D Fighters[]

In the first round, Sagat defeated Cyclops of the X-Men. In round 2, Sagat plowed through Liu Kang. Round 3 saw Sagat send the Mars People packing. In the Fourth Round, Sagat defeated Sub-Zero, beginning Sub-Zero's eternal losing streak. Round 5 saw Sagat dominate Iceman. In round 6, Sagat went through Guy.

It wasn't until round 7 that Sagat finally saw defeat, losing to Terry Bogard.

3D Fighters[]

In the first round, Sagat defeated fellow Street Fighter, Guile, and then Zero in the second round before being eliminated by Noob Saibot in round 3.